Monday, August 5, 2013

Will there be a Martha Stewart Halloween magazine in 2013?

All signs point to "yes!"  From June 16, 2013:

"To follow Martha Stewart, even briefly, is a test of endurance. On a recent afternoon, Ms. Stewart wrapped up posing for a photo shoot for Martha Stewart Halloween magazine at her company’s Manhattan headquarters, as makeup artists briskly wiped glitter off her cheeks and disassembled her fairy-godmother bouffant. She hopped off her makeup chair and sprinted into the neighboring studio to check on a Martha Stewart Weddings cover photo shoot featuring $50 million worth of engagement rings. "

Yes, I know new ideas are getting harder and harder to come by, and the last MS Halloween mag (in 2011) was mostly a re-run of previous magazine articles/ideas, but I get excited to get that new mag in my hand every year.  Last year was just saddening.  I couldn't believe they couldn't come up with something new to justify another magazine, but it gave me hope that this year would have plenty of new ideas.  We'll just have to see if the MS minions have been hard at work for the last two years.  Regardless, I'll probably buy the 2013 edition anyway.  I'm a sucker for a Halloween mag.


  1. Can we find the Martha Stewart magazine at Whole Foods?

  2. I don't know. Unfortunately, we don't have a Whole Foods in my area--wish we did. I know they usually have them at Walmart and Books-a-Million. It probably won't hit the shelves until the beginning of September, but when I find one, I'll be sure to post about it!

  3. Saw on People Magazine website that the Halloween issue is due to hit newstands on 9/3!,,20729189,00.html

  4. Yes! So excited to get mine!

    I bought the Matthew Mead Halloween mag yesterday. It's $14 (!) and not honestly worth that much, but I can't NOT buy Halloween mags! It's the only magazines I buy. Well, no. I also get photography mags, but I have to get those. ;)

  5. This issue is out on newsstands now and there's supposed to be an iPad version as well on the official Martha Stewart Living app. However, right now you can download it through the Zinio app (as well as two other issues).

  6. Awesome! I'll have to hit Books-A-Million this weekend to buy my copy. There's just something about holding a magazine in your hands that beats having a digital issue.

  7. I love halloween mags to. Buy them every year. I also love what Martha Stewart comes up with each year. I have already picked out this year's Halloween theme for my party. Nephilims vs. Demons based off the popular middle grade urban fantasy novel, Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers. Menu should be a snap - junk food (because nephilims and demons alike love sugar) and no apples (nephilims can still taste the bitter sweet betrayl of the orignial sin). Costumes even easier - hoodie, rubber bracelets, weapons, and of course junior ranger badges. Even though I have the costumes, menu, and decorations lined up, I'm still looking for new ideas on how to vamp them up just a bit.

    1. That sounded awesome, Karen! Sorry I'm getting back to you nearly four years later. *hangs head in shame*