Thursday, September 27, 2012

New house, bigger Halloween parties!

"She never called back..."
Last year our guests were crammed into our tiny house and I proclaimed we would  have a new house before the next Halloween party, and we do!  I had a few requirements for the new house, such as, it had to look like it could be haunted.  I mean, and 1950s ranch or 1980s split-level just doesn't look like it could be haunted, right?  That requirement eliminated about 90% of the homes in our town.  Another 9% were either too expensive or in a less-desirable neighborhood.  Honestly, I didn't think we had a chance of finding a place.  Technically, I've been searching for a new house for most of the time we've lived in our small house, and there were never any real possibilities.  Imagine my excitement when a 1915 Craftsman went up for sale, AND it was in a quiet neighborhood AND we could afford it!  So, loooooong story short, we moved in a month ago!  It's so freaking fabulous!  It has 9-ft. ceilings upstairs and downstairs, awesome baseboards and crown and window moldings, two fireplaces, a HUGE front porch, and to make the hubby happy, a three-car garage. But most importantly, it has character, the kind of character that makes for a great haunt.  ;)
I found an antique phone booth at an estate sale in town and couldn't believe my luck.  It started out at only $500, which I was willing to spend, but I wanted my hubby's input first (since he would be in charge of getting the monstrosity home).  We went back the next day, as soon as they opened, and I practically attacked one of the women working there, "Did the phone booth sell yesterday?"  She says no.  "THEN IT'S MINE!  I WANT IT!  PUT MY NAME ON IT!"  And the bonus?  Second-day was 25% off, so I got it for $375.  I freaking rock.  :D  BTW, an antique store in the next town has one almost, if not exactly, like it for $3500.  I think they're on crack to have it at that price, but we'll see.  It has been there for a few years.
Of course, I knew it would need a skeleton to sit inside, so I got this one at Target for $40.  Bargain.
I'm currently painting my living room orange--the same shade of orange that's in the old house--and trying to get everything in order before the party.  There's so much to do and I'm so far behind!  I usually decorate inside at the end of August.