Tuesday, September 5, 2017

More From Homegoods...

My Homegoods is getting a ton of stuff, but unfortunately, not much that I like.  I barely bought anything this past weekend, but I took pics to share.

First up, we have this fancy lady.  I'm sure you can tell by the photo that she's pretty sizable...and pretty costly, too.  She'll set you back $500!  The employee who unpacked her said it took forever to free her from her packaging.  I would hope it would be well packed at that price!  My husband sent a picture of her to the owner of a Mexican restaurant that he knows.  He liked it, but wasn't interested in paying nearly that much for her, and I don't blame him.  It looked to be made of ceramic, and you know some kid would climb up on her lap or pull on her arm and break her in no time.

A few miscellaneous items. 

Then we have some soapstone carvings from Africa.  Pretty cute, but not really my thing.

A miniature fortune teller.  They had a huge one of these last year that stood about 5-feet tall.  I wasn't really impressed with either one, but I'd love to have one of those old carnival fortune teller games.  I've priced them on eBay.  I will never afford one!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Another Victorian Trading Company Purchase

I've wanted one of those vintage paper mache jack-o-lanterns for years, but they can be kind of pricey.  You know, the ones that have the holes for the eyes and mouth but there's paper glued on the inside, so that if you put a lit candle in it (heaven forbid; I'm sure that's a serious fire hazard) then there's a glow from the inside.  Well, Victorian Trading Company has a reproduction that I purchased recently from eBay.  Sometimes their stuff is cheaper on one site than the other, so check both if you go to make a purchase.  There's the one I bought.

They also have one in white, a black cat, and a really creepy moon--and not creepy in a good way.

At Homegoods...More to Come Later

This came home with me:

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Cheap Version of Pottery Barn's Crow Lights

I've been doing a lot of Halloweenie online browsing lately, and I found that Target has a cheaper ($14) version of the crow-in-a-birdcage string lights that Pottery Barn had several years ago for, if I recall correctly, $30/string, perhaps more.  The PB crows appear to be cut from flat metal, giving a silhouette appearance, whereas the Target crows have a bit of three-dimensional detail.  However, the Target crow looks less like a crow and more like a...well, I don't know my birds that well, but definitely not a crow.

The Pottery Barn crow lights (no longer available):

Target's version:
Maybe it's a sparrow I'm thinking of?

I think I'll pass on those.  Instead, I'll get the other Target crow lights that look like those from Crate and Barrel that are $35 a pop:

The Target version, at $14 a string:

Honestly, I think I may prefer the C&B lights, but when you factor in cost...no contest.  Besides, a couple of people said the C&B lights seemed kind of fragile, and with all the cats in the house, we can't have that!