Monday, August 5, 2013

Grandin Road Halloween!

First of all, I love the Grandin Road Halloween preview videos!  They do an amazing job on atmosphere and getting you in the mood to haunt--of course, by this time, I'm already in the mood to haunt.

Second, the videos help me pretend that all my guests will come in fabulously appropriate costumes.  For me, the holiday is about being scary, not slutty or funny or distasteful.  I can only hope that someday, all my guests will pander to my whims.  Three years ago,  I had a Yoshi and a D*ck in a Box (NSFW).  I had specified to come in a scary costume, preferably something with a vintage feel, and even gave a link to what I was hoping for.  I said I wanted a Halloween party like adults celebrated before it became all commercial and geared for children.  Okay, it was probably commercial then, too, but not like it is now.

Anyway, once again Grandin Road has a few must-haves, but I'll wait for the 50% off emails to arrive.  What?  You didn't know they do that?  Oh, but they do!  Last year I got the 6' and 5' tall mummies and Venetian Victoria for half-off.  I got something else on sale, too, but just what escapes me just now.  So sign up for their emails!  Right now, if you take a survey, you get 20% off your first order, but it's only good through August 7--not nearly enough off or nearly enough time to ponder your first purchase.  At least, not for me.


  1. This is the power of consumerism. Grandin Road steals designs and artwork from home haunters, and yet home haunters can't help but re-share Grandin Road's advertising amongst themselves, despite the bloated prices, the obviously lacking quality of their merchandise, and their abysmal business practices.

    1. The reality is that everyone "steals" from everyone else and only some people cite sources. Grandin Road just happens to be popular and caught red-handed. Is it right? No. But it's business. Look through Etsy and you'll find hundreds of artists selling stuff based on other people's works. Some even feature movie icons that they clearly don't own. Once you post your ideas or content online they become fair game for everyone. I've seen content from my site and blog elsewhere and understand that it's part of being an online community. Again, I don't think it's right for someone to profit from other's ideas, but how can you possibly control it? At least Grandin Road "seems" to eventually respond to problems (they switched out their clearly copied zombie couple from last year).

  2. Bloated prices? Oh, yes! Did you see the Ouija board/tray for ONE-HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE DOLLARS?!?! That's freaking nuts. Yet they'll have some things that seem more reasonable, and least to someone like me who isn't crafty enough to make their own decorations. Like the Lady in Black whose eyes glow red. She's $89. Come half-price sales time, I'll (probably) order her. I just don't know how they think $159 for a tray is reasonable.

    As for the lacking quality, I was satisfied with my mummies and the Venetian Victoria. Everyone thought they were great, too. And I ordered the walking hand, didn't care for it, and returned it with no problem.

  3. And their videos are still inspiring... :)