Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My new skull and crossbone dishes...

The bowl:

The condiment tray:

The appetizer plates, set of four:

"Beware" plate:

"Danger" plate:

"R.I.P" plate:

There's supposed to be a "Poison" plate, but someone bought them already. Grr. They also had tall mugs, but we have plenty of mugs, so I didn't buy one. Now I'm thinking I may need one for the office, as a warning to the coworkers. >:)

Dishes purchased at my beloved Homegoods.

A little apple pie for the "fall-ish" weather...

The daytime temperatures have dropped to the low 80s lately, which definitely makes it seem like fall is on it's way, so what does that make me want to do? Bake apple pie, of course! I tried to dress it up a bit with some autumnal cut-outs, so I did a pumpkin and a couple of leaves. Now I did these by hand, so they aren't perfect, but I still think they're cute!

Don't you wish you had smell-0-vision? :)

BTW, in the overall photo, doesn't that look like a monster claw? That was the maple leaf, but a monster claw isn't too bad, either, right?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Disappointment. :(

Well, the hearse purchase didn't go through.

The guy described it as “runs great, good tires”, but the battery was so dead it wouldn’t charge, it had one flat tire, was sunk into the ground where it had sat in a mud hole for so long, and it didn’t even have a muffler. Plus, it had lots of rust and the worst bondo job ever. So we’re out $130 in gas, tolls, meals, etc. all for nothing.

But the search continues.

On a lighter note, I have two new Halloween magazines to inspire and delight me. :D

Love that Martha!

BTW, notice that orange cast in the photo? That's because my living room is painted orange, which you may have noticed in the previous pics. I just love my orange, although you can tell some people come in and have saturation overload. ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Decorating Has Begun!

I couldn't stand it any longer, so a week and a half ago, I started decorating for Halloween. Hey, I thought I did pretty good, considering I wanted to get started in late June. But I actually held out until mid-August, much to my--and Hubby's--surprise. I think it's the purchase of, get this...


...that really revved up my Halloween decorating excitement level. In fact, tomorrow is the big day, when Hubby and a friend are going to get it, and I am so freaking excited that I'm driving my coworkers crazy. :) More pics later...