Friday, August 26, 2011

The Decorating Has Begun!

I couldn't stand it any longer, so a week and a half ago, I started decorating for Halloween. Hey, I thought I did pretty good, considering I wanted to get started in late June. But I actually held out until mid-August, much to my--and Hubby's--surprise. I think it's the purchase of, get this...


...that really revved up my Halloween decorating excitement level. In fact, tomorrow is the big day, when Hubby and a friend are going to get it, and I am so freaking excited that I'm driving my coworkers crazy. :) More pics later...


  1. I love your taste in decorations ! So far ive only got my two little black rats out on a shelf...but its coming .

  2. Thank you! I have much more to do, but just wanted to share the beginning. I got most of the stuff you see here at Homegoods. I love the vintage stuff, the kind of decorations that were used when Halloween was more of an adult holiday, before everything became too cutesy. Although I like some cutesy, too. :)

  3. The mini garland of classic cats and pumpkin heads is amazing. I love the simple colors and style. Modern Halloween decorations lack the plethora of pumpkin-headed characters that once were so prevalent. I really like the rustics you've displayed. Very very nice.

  4. Thank you! That's one of my favorite pieces, in fact, I have three that are across the front of my wood valance. I got them about three years ago, and the next year snagged the blocks that spell out "Halloween" and feature the same figures, with the addition of some witches.