Friday, August 4, 2017

The Cheap Version of Pottery Barn's Crow Lights

I've been doing a lot of Halloweenie online browsing lately, and I found that Target has a cheaper ($14) version of the crow-in-a-birdcage string lights that Pottery Barn had several years ago for, if I recall correctly, $30/string, perhaps more.  The PB crows appear to be cut from flat metal, giving a silhouette appearance, whereas the Target crows have a bit of three-dimensional detail.  However, the Target crow looks less like a crow and more like a...well, I don't know my birds that well, but definitely not a crow.

The Pottery Barn crow lights (no longer available):

Target's version:
Maybe it's a sparrow I'm thinking of?

I think I'll pass on those.  Instead, I'll get the other Target crow lights that look like those from Crate and Barrel that are $35 a pop:

The Target version, at $14 a string:

Honestly, I think I may prefer the C&B lights, but when you factor in contest.  Besides, a couple of people said the C&B lights seemed kind of fragile, and with all the cats in the house, we can't have that!



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