Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I do love me some Meatyard

I think this one is my favorite.

Love the vacant eyes...

How freaky is this peeling paint?

This one is nightmare-worthy.
Technically, I don't know if ALL of these are the work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard.  Some I know are definitely, but others I can't guarantee, so if anyone knows that they are the work of someone else, please let me know.  Basically, I was Googling him for weird images to print for last year's Halloween party and these are some that I downloaded.
Anyway, I absolutely love this man's work.  I just find his images to be captivating.  I plan on doing an homage to him this fall.  He's so inspirational to me!
You can look into him further here.
Oh, and I'd like to point out that he was from Normal, Illinois.  How fabulous is it that his work is so non-normal?  And "Meatyard"?  That name rocks.
Many other people have been inspired by his work as well.  Here's one I also love:


  1. Come and join me in my boat. I even brought a mask.

    That name, "Meatyard" reminds me of the computer graphics artist "Meats Meir" whose work is similarly austere and creepy.

    Great meats think alike I guess.

  2. That image makes me think of a serial killer, out hiding bodies in a marsh. The extra mask says, "Come join me on my voyage."

    I'll have to look into Meats Meir. Thanks for the tip.