Thursday, September 27, 2012

New house, bigger Halloween parties!

"She never called back..."
Last year our guests were crammed into our tiny house and I proclaimed we would  have a new house before the next Halloween party, and we do!  I had a few requirements for the new house, such as, it had to look like it could be haunted.  I mean, and 1950s ranch or 1980s split-level just doesn't look like it could be haunted, right?  That requirement eliminated about 90% of the homes in our town.  Another 9% were either too expensive or in a less-desirable neighborhood.  Honestly, I didn't think we had a chance of finding a place.  Technically, I've been searching for a new house for most of the time we've lived in our small house, and there were never any real possibilities.  Imagine my excitement when a 1915 Craftsman went up for sale, AND it was in a quiet neighborhood AND we could afford it!  So, loooooong story short, we moved in a month ago!  It's so freaking fabulous!  It has 9-ft. ceilings upstairs and downstairs, awesome baseboards and crown and window moldings, two fireplaces, a HUGE front porch, and to make the hubby happy, a three-car garage. But most importantly, it has character, the kind of character that makes for a great haunt.  ;)
I found an antique phone booth at an estate sale in town and couldn't believe my luck.  It started out at only $500, which I was willing to spend, but I wanted my hubby's input first (since he would be in charge of getting the monstrosity home).  We went back the next day, as soon as they opened, and I practically attacked one of the women working there, "Did the phone booth sell yesterday?"  She says no.  "THEN IT'S MINE!  I WANT IT!  PUT MY NAME ON IT!"  And the bonus?  Second-day was 25% off, so I got it for $375.  I freaking rock.  :D  BTW, an antique store in the next town has one almost, if not exactly, like it for $3500.  I think they're on crack to have it at that price, but we'll see.  It has been there for a few years.
Of course, I knew it would need a skeleton to sit inside, so I got this one at Target for $40.  Bargain.
I'm currently painting my living room orange--the same shade of orange that's in the old house--and trying to get everything in order before the party.  There's so much to do and I'm so far behind!  I usually decorate inside at the end of August.


  1. Congrats on your new home! A craftsman... soo jealous! My sister also has a craftsman, and lives in Portland, Oregon where they have the most gorgeous old homes including some pretty incredible victorians.

    On another note, an 80's track home can't be haunted? What about Poltergeist?! lol

  2. Good point, Lux! But it's hard to find a house built on an Indian burial ground, especially in West Virginia. ;)