Friday, September 2, 2011

I bought this a couple of weeks ago at Homegoods, because it's Halloweeny AND has a cat on it, since I'm a crazy cat lady.  This is going to be my new breakfast cereal bowl.

I got a couple of these several years ago and deep them hanging in the living room year-round.  They're battery powered so no fear of fire, and they are very convincing.

Got this last weekend.  Now, I'm not into glitter, but I love crows and I love skulls, and this fellow is just so dapper that I had to have him!

Picked up a couple of these at Michael's.  I won't be using them for seating but to let everyone know what creepy foods they're about to eat.  The mummy dogs are a staple at our annual party!  I'll have to post the recipe for everyone.  They're super-easy, even for me (I don't do the cooking, my husband does).


  1. The real question is, what kind of cereal are you going to eat out of that cat bowl? I vote for boo berry.

    Also, I worked at michael's once, and I learned to loathe glitter with a vengeance. They also ruined scented candles for me.

  2. Boo Berry, good idea! Or maybe Count Chocula. I have no idea if they even still make those. This witchy-poo likes her granola and Cheerios. Not Halloweeny, but good for me. :)

    And I just don't get all the glitter. I want no part of a cutesy, glittery Halloween. I do, however, love scented candles. Not the food flavored ones, like cookies or pancakes, because they make me hungry, but the scents of the season, like hot apple cobbler and pumpkin spice. I realize those ARE food scents, but it's more the spices than the food, and they aren't so specific that I have to eat something in particular. A coworker has one that smells like maple syrup and it makes me crave waffles. Mmmm...waffles...

    I didn't even know Michael's sold scented candles. I don't really go there except for the Halloween shopping season.